About us

Geotechnical Research Company GEOTEST has been there on the Polish market since 1990 and specializes in the following fields:

  • geotechnical documentation for civil engineering of all types
  • geological and engineering documentation
  • geological research projects
  • research on soil and water contamination
  • ground density control
  • production of piezometres and groundwater levels monitoring
  • detection of rising damp causes in basements
  • detection of rupture causes in buildings
  • geotechnical research of landfill sites
  • all types of geotechnical consultations
  • finding pit-drainage solutions
  • pit-slope bracing projects
  • slope stability calculations
  • ground density examination with light dynamic plate

Our services are available throughout the country. We guarantee high quality of surveys and other services as well as prompt delivery. Our company has advanced equipment such as multipurpose mechanical drill jig installed on Mercedes Unimog cars, light dynamic plate that provides instant assessment of ground density, mechanical dynamic probe and the SPT probe.

Soil samples taken during fieldwork are examined in our laboratory.

We cooperate with Geotechnics and Underground Structures Institute at Warsaw University of Technology.

Within our company there functions an independent architectural office.

Employing high-quality specialists, GEOTEST has so far prepared over 4500 projects.

You can read about the results of our work in numerous editions of building industry magazines such as "Murator", "Architektura", "Ładny dom", "Inżynieria i budownictwo" and in the "Gazeta Wyborcza" supplement "Dom", as well as on our website in the Guide section.

Since January 2004 we have been publishing an online magazine Geotekst. Though primarily directed at geotechinicians, it is also recommended to all those interested in building industry and in the history of Warsaw. You can go there either directly from the GEOTEST website or by logging on to www.geotekst.pl

We encourage you to cooperate with our company
- Krzysztof Traczyński, Ph.D. in civil engineering, Chairman