About us

Geotest is a rapidly growing research and consulting company.

We are industry trendsetters


Photogrammetric surveys for environmental site assessments. Measurements and photographs to illustrate land plots precisely.

Mechanical drilling rigs

Our machinery includes drilling rigs mounted on a Mercedes Unimog all-terrain truck.

CPTu probing

CPTu static probe testing provides precise real-time results, measured electronically with state-of-the-art sensors.

Digital in the field

Digital recording of field work allows data to be sent electronically directly from the site to our office.

Lightweight dynamic plate

We introduced the lightweight dynamic plate in Poland. Since 2003, we have conducted thousands of tests, and in result developed our own interpretive correlations.


We have the only such digital archives with our documentation in the country, including a multifunctional geological database used by our Clients.

Our aim is to advise our Clients on the investment process

In every project, we learn about Client’s needs and challenges so they can maximise the effectiveness of their investments thanks to our knowledge. We work with major investors and developers from Poland and around the world.

  • we share our knowledge and experience by publishing in professional magazines such as “Inżynieria i Budownictwo”, “Geoinżynieria”, “Architektura”, “Materiały budowlane” and others
  • The Polish Association of Subsoil Investigators was established at our initiative
  • we spread our knowledge of the geological structure of Warsaw in connection with the history of the city in the “Stolica” magazine
  • we organise lectures on geotechnics and environmental protection for managers, architects, constructors and developers
  • the Dobry Grunt foundation established by the company carries out cultural and charitable activities
  • we take an active part in national and international scientific conferences.
Professional geotechnical consulting
Professional geotechnical consulting


Krzysztof Traczyński beings works for the 1st line of the Warsaw Metro, which will take a quarter of a century.


In October the Geotechnical Research Company Geotest is founded.


The Geotest basketball team is founded, which in 2001 wins the championship title.


Geotest introduces to the offer and performs the first soil contamination tests.


Geotest begins using one of the most modern drilling rigs in the country, mounted on a Mercedes Unimog.


Geotest introduces the dynamic plate as a basic tool for controlling earthworks on construction sites.


Geotest establishes an online magazine Geotekst devoted to geotechnics.


Geotest starts testing with a static CPT probe from the Italian manufacturer Pagani.


Geotest begins supervision over the construction of the second metro line, which will last several years.


Geotest is the first geotechnical company in Poland to introduce professional geodetic receivers in geological surveys.


Geotest becomes the leader in terms of the number of approved geological and engineering documentations in Poland (data from the National Geological Archives).


After 25 years of operation of Geotechnical Research Company Geotest the Geotest Sp. z o.o. is established.


Geotest conducts a demonstration of CPTU probing together with Tom Lunne and John Powell, authors of the world's most important publication on this type of survey.


For the construction of Varso, the tallest building in the European Union, Geotest performs ground exploration to a depth of 75 meters below the ground.


The founding meeting of the Polish Association of Soil Testing Contractors is held at the Geotest headquarters. Its originator, Dr. Michał Grela, becomes the vice-president of the association.


Geotest performs the 9000th project.


Geotest changes the visual identification of its brand to one that better corresponds to its values: teamwork, focus on development and responsibility.


Geotest performs soil tests and approves geological-engineering and hydrogeological documentations for the 3rd metro line in Warsaw.

What is important to us


The success of the company depends on the work of its entire team. We believe that in day-to-day cooperation, the most important thing is to combine professionalism with a good atmosphere. That is why we solve problems together, ensure an adequate flow of information, and support open communication and continuous improvement. If anyone in the company needs help, we help them. All in all, we have the same goal.


Our industry is continuously growing, so do we as people. This is what drives us all: that we can learn new things, implement innovative solutions and face new challenges with success. Day-to-day communication and collaboration are also matters we can increase our competences in. We are open-minded, thus we also seek developmental support from external experts and training.


Each of us if familiar with our responsibilities and knows that the quality of work of the entire team depends on their performance. Our work translates directly into the safety of our Clients’ investments and of people using the facilities raised on the lands we test. In this way, the entire team is obliged to the highest quality of work and diligence on a day-to-day basis.

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