The National Stadium

Performed services: Geological tests, Consultations
Date: 2010-2011

About the construction

It is the most famous sports venue in the country, located on the site of the former Decade Stadium, with a capacity of approx. 60,000 fans. Beneath the turf, a multi-level car park is located. The stadium is adorned by a facade and roof on an independent tubular structure.

Client benefits

Foundation of the facility in difficult ground conditions, and road design for a 150-tonne crane to install the roof structure, which operated undisturbed in various air temperatures (from -20 in winter to +30 degrees Celsius degrees in summer) on a subsoil of made grounds with thickness of more than 10 meters.


“During the construction of this very complex facility, set in difficult ground conditions, I have used Geotest’s services and consultations on many occasions. Their studies are characterized by high level of professionalism; thus they are very useful in the implementation of the most difficult construction projects.” 

Marcin Zaręba
Construction Director
Alpine - Hydrobudowa Polska SA - PBG SA

The biggest challenge of the project was the complex geological structure of the subsoil. Potentially unstable soils: with high-density, in variable conditions and composition, on the surface of which a five hundred ton crane had to move. Our task was to determine such a design of the technical road to ensure safety and efficiency of the crane's work.

Marek Kluczek Project Leader / Research & Development Manager