Southern Bypass of Warsaw

Performed services: Geological tests
Date: 2009-2010

About the construction

The Southern Bypass of Warsaw is located along the A2 highway and runs from the "Puławska" junction to the "Lubelska" junction. There is a 2 km long tunnel running under Ursynów, which is the longest tunnel in Poland. The "Airport" junction was sunk in a trench surrounded by diaphragm walls, which, in addition to maintaining the stability of the slopes, were intended to cut off the flow of groundwater.

Client benefits

Based on precise geological research and CPT tests, it was possible to build the "Airport" junction, where the bypass runs in a depression due to the location of the intersection in the airstrike zone of the Okęcie airport runway. Due to constant air traffic, foundation works, including the construction of diaphragm walls, were performed using specialized equipment with a very limited height.

The project was carried out along streets with active traffic. It was extremely important to appropriately fence the workplace in close proximity to pedestrian routes, thus ensuring safety and efficiency of work. The precise location of underground utilities in the field was also important, which allowed for cost optimization and shortening the implementation time.

Ryszard Grosz Project Leader / Field Operations Manager