We specialise in environmental site assessments and geological tests.

Environmental audits

An environmental site assessment is carried out prior to the purchase of a property in order to assess risks involved in the acquisition and development of land. 

Due diligence is performed based on the Standard Practice for Environmental Site guidelines of ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials). 

Soil and water contamination tests

Soil and water contamination testing is carried out for construction projects to find out the impact of facilities and installations on natural environment, taking into consideration the use of anthropogenic soil for made grounds and its remediation. We perform contamination tests in accordance with the Regulations of the Minister of the Environment. We carry out comprehensive preliminary and detailed contamination analyses - we also prepare reports when environmental damage is detected.

Environmental monitoring

We carry out environmental monitoring to analyse the state of soil, groundwater, soil air - both during construction works and within existing installations or landfills. We also carry out environmental monitoring during and after remediation to meet the provisions of administrative decisions.

Geological and geotechnical consultations

Geological or geotechnical consultations guarantee the optimum course of any construction project, regardless of its size. These consultations enable to obtain cost-effective and schedule-optimised technical solutions, and to prevent risks that could even lead to a construction disaster.

Environmental consultations

They provide necessary knowledge on how to carry out remediation, comply with the provisions of administrative decisions, perform appropriate contamination tests, and solve problems.

Geological and geophysical tests

We perform all types of ground tests in accordance with the applicable regulations, including Eurocode 7. We offer drilling of exploratory boreholes up to 100 m below ground level, in technology adapted to the Client’s needs, including full-core, probing of all types, including dynamic and static probing like CPTU, SCPTU, DMT and SDMT. We also carry out laboratory tests to determine effective geotechnical parameters, perform comprehensive strength and deformation tests, including triaxial shear tests, oedometer and consolidometer tests, bender element tests (BET) and others. We provide comprehensive geophysical tests for construction purposes, analyse the state of embankments, slopes and levees. We assess the suitability of post-mining areas and detect the presence of archaeological objects.

We prepare the following reports: 

  • geotechnical opinion
  • documentation of soil tests
  • geological and engineering documentation
  • geotechnical design
  • assessment of the impact of an investment on surrounding buildings, e.g. on the Metro facilities
  • drainage design
  • hydrogeological reports
  • aquatic legal surveys
  • geophysical test reports

Photogrammetric surveys

We carry them out using modern technology based on drone flights. To ensure the highest quality of service, we use photogrammetric reports for the site. These are particularly important for illustrating current land use and making the relevant calculations to model building information (BIM) in a manner that is accessible to Clients. 

Photogrammetric drone survey enables the following:

  • taking photographs of the area from several to several dozen meters above the ground
  • creation of a video illustrating the surveyed area
  • representation of the terrain model with its topography

The terrain model created allows to: 

  • develop elevation maps - mainly for the visualisation of topography
  • develop contour maps made up of isohypses, providing a different way of representing the terrain
  • develop cross-sectional lines so, with a large variety of surface (heaps, slopes, pits), we get its real picture
  • make calculations of the volume of heaps, excavations, etc.
  • balance of cut and fill
  • determine the amount of soil mass required for remediation
  • develop orthophotomap, i.e., high accuracy maps created from current photographs



We provide training for companies in the field of ground testing and environmental site assessments. We educate investors and their employees on how to optimally carry out soil remediation, what documents from our field are necessary to obtain a building permit, as well as when and which ones can be dropped, thus making the preparation period for the start of construction shorter.

How we work

We are passionate about challenging projects, if necessary, we also perform remediation work and other environmental studies; we obtain the relevant administrative decisions at the convenience of the client. We are a company that stands out in the market for more than 30 years of experience in ground investigation with our own equipment. We provide services in Poland and abroad

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