Powiśle Power Plant

Performed services: Geological tests, Contamination tests
Date: 2009-2012

About the construction

A historic former power plant, revitalized and adapted as a shopping center with its original impressive interiors. Along with a commercial part with shops and restaurants, a housing estate, a Barcelo hotel and office buildings were also built on the premises of the power plant. Numerous elements of the old buildings have been preserved, such as chimneys, metal structures and the blue shed that used to house the engine room of a shaft used to transport coal. During the 12 years of the project, 68 architects worked on it.

Client benefits

Geotechnical tests carried out around the existing buildings and in their underground rooms allowed to identify numerous embankment soils of considerable thickness. Ground contamination tests and parameter assessments carried out using CPT surveys made it possible to revitalize the property safely and in accordance with regulations and put it into use. We completed a total of 10 studies and reports for this investment.

We were asked to help with this investment due to the numerous expected difficulties and our extensive experience. The project was challenging due to many historic installations not shown on maps and numerous post-industrial embankments. During the work, almost several hundred people relied on our knowledge.

Ryszard Grosz Project Leader / Field Operations Manager