Maria Skłodowska-Curie Bridge

Performed services: Geological tests, Consultations
Date: 2009-2010

About the construction

The Maria Skłodowska-Curie Bridge, also known as the Northern Bridge, is the northernmost crossing over the Vistula in Warsaw, which connects the Białołęka district with the Bielany district. It has two roads with three lanes, tram tracks, bicycle paths and sidewalks. The bridge consists of 10 spans and its total length is 795 m.

Client benefits

The embankment soil on one of the banks exceeded 10 meters, and under the embankments there were river sands of various densities. After extensive geological tests carried out from a barge and from artificially created islands, it was determined that the supports, over 40 meters long and over seven meters wide, will be placed on drilled piles with a diameter of 1,500 mm, and for each support, 52 piles will be made, resting in the ground to a depth of approximately 34 meters. The embankment soil on the access route to the bridge was reinforced with gravel columns.